The NGFA’s NextGen Program serves early career professionals employed by NGFA member companies. The program strives to provide early career professionals with the knowledge and networking opportunities to become future leaders in the agribusiness industry. If you feel you can benefit from the program’s offerings, we encourage you to participate! Mid- to late-career professionals are also welcome.

NextGen activities will focus on three core areas: Education; Networking; Leadership Development.



Webinar – “How to Climb the Ladder with Your Ethics and Integrity Intact”

March 7, 2017, 2:00 PM Central
Presented by Greg Martinelli, Ag Sales Professionals

Throughout the history of business, ethics and integrity have posed an internal struggle within each company and each business person.  The Ag Industry is no different.  In fact, like the food industry, ethics and integrity can be an even greater challenge for us.  We are generally a high volume, lower margin, high personal touch type of industry.  There is a multitude of opportunities and temptations that can challenge our ethics and integrity. 

What will we cover?

  • Scope of Integrity & Ethics
  • Examples
  • What is so different in Ag regarding ethics & integrity?
  • Some gray areas
  • Effects of upholding a high level of integrity & ethics
  • What can you do when you face an issue?
  • My challenges
  • Your challenges







  • NGFA Seminar on Trading, Trade Rules and Arbitration 

Geared towards the early-career professional, this seminar is a primer on the NGFA trade rules and arbitration system. Additionally, there is a NextGen Networking Reception and Baseball Outing on the first evening of the seminar. LEARN MORE.

  • NextGen Networking Reception – held in conjunction with the NGFA Seminar on Trading, Trade Rules and Arbitration

Live in the KC area? Want to attend a networking reception for early- to mid-career professionals in the agribusiness industry? Join us for the NGF NextGen Networking reception. Held Monday May 1 at 5pm at the Hilton KCI, this reception is included in the Seminar registration fee; reception only tickets can be purchased by clicking HERE.

  • Country Elevator Conference

A dynamic conference and trade show designed to educate and inspire everyone in the grain and feed industry. This conference full of breakout sessions provides myriad opportunities to network with peers, including the NextGen Holiday Reception, held the Monday of each ConferenceLEARN MORE.



The NGFA’s Committee Apprenticeship Program (CAP) provides mentorship opportunities for  future leaders of the association. Apprentices participate fully in all committee activities, including meetings, conference calls and email exchanges and are encouraged to learn the committee’s issues thoroughly and to participate actively in discussions (however, apprentices will not have a vote on committee matters.) The CAP program:

  • Provides a way for the NGFA to develop closer linkages at various levels within member companies, with a particular emphasis on involving newer employees who companies identify as having future leadership potential and a promising future in the industry.
  • Establishes a mechanism for more employees within NGFA-member companies to learn about the wide range of policy issues and programs being addressed by NGFA committees, as well as the committees’ indispensable role within NGFA’s structure.
  • Benefits member companies by providing a way to further broaden and develop the expertise of their top new talent – those whom they want to invest in.
  • Identifies potential new talent to engage at some future point in the NGFA’s committee system.




To receive updates about NextGen activities directly, email with “NextGen” in the subject line. For additional questions regarding NextGen, contact Rebecca Grubbs.


Early Summer: “Using Technology to Enhance Your Productivity and Career”
Registration coming soon

Fall: “Making Good Money Decisions as Your Career Advances”
Registration coming soon