NGFA Urges STB to Eliminate or Modify ‘Safe Harbor’ for Rail Fuel Surcharges

(Aug. 6, 2014) NGFA has urged the federal Surface Transportation Board (STB) to either eliminate or significantly modify a provision of its rules that currently immunizes railroads from being required to refund rail fuel surcharges that exceed their incremental internal fuel cost increases so long as they base their surcharges on a specific fuel-cost index.

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Economic Analysis

NGFA Estimates Up to $2.9 Billion Loss to U.S. Corn, Soy in Aftermath of Trade Disruption with China

A pair of economic analyses issued today by the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) estimates that up to $2.9 billion in economic losses have been sustained by the U.S. corn, distillers grains and soy sectors in the aftermath of the enforcement of a zero-tolerance policy on Syngenta’s Agrisure Viptera™ MIR 162 corn technology in U.S. export shipments to China, where the trait has not been approved yet for import as food or feed.

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