Committees admin October 31, 2023


NGFA’s committees are the backbone of the Association. Employees of NGFA member companies are selected to serve on committees to inform and shape the policies and priorities of the NGFA.

In November 2023, NGFA announced changes to its committee structure unanimously approved by the Board of Directors following recommendations from the NGFA Committee Structure Task Force. 

Committees that will meet for the first time in March 2024 include:
Feed (Subcommittees for Feed Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee and Feed Manufacturing and Technology).
Trade and Crop Technology (Subcommittees for Crop Technology and Trade).
Ag Policy and Legislative Affairs
Transportation and Logistics (Subcommittees for Rail Shipper/Receiver, Motor Carrier, and Waterborne).
Communications, Marketing and Membership

NGFA will maintain the following committees:
Trade Rules
Arbitration and Appeal
• Grain Grades and Weights
• Foundation Trustees
• Rail Arbitration
• Risk Management
• Safety, Health and Environmental Quality 
• Country Elevator Committee (This committee will be renamed to better reflect its scope).

The NGFA Bylaws stipulate that there be an Arbitration Appeals Committee and a Trade Rules Committee. In addition, the Bylaws empower the NGFA chairman to appoint “any committee considered necessary to the conduct of the business of the corporation.”

The NGFA chairman also is authorized to appoint subcommittees that report directly to their parent committees. For additional information, see how the committees are structured and run.