• NGFA chairman encourages industry to engage with consumers More →
  • NGFA urges STB to focus on providing grain shippers a workable procedure to challenge unreasonable rail rates More →
  • Grain groups fault update to biotech regulatory framework for giving
    ‘short shrift’ to marketability, trade-disruption issues More →
  • NGFA to host nation’s largest gathering of country elevator personnel for the 45th year More →
  • NGFA urges STB to revise and finalize reciprocal switching proposal More →
  • Iowa Agriculture Secretary Northey kicks off 2016 Feed and Pet Food Joint Conference  More →
  • NGFA issues mycotoxins alert More →

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NGFA Safety Tips

The NGFA is committed to promoting safety and health in the workplace, and has made extensive efforts to enhance safety include unprecedented research and education efforts. More Information →

Food Safety Modernization Act

With the Food Safety Modernization Act, both regulatory and commercial demands for food and feed quality and safety are increasing. NGFA has several education tools, including regional seminars, to assist grain and feed companies navigate the changing regulatory landscape.  More Information →

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