Bios – Brian Schouvieller admin February 26, 2024
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Second Vice Chairman: Brian Schouvieller
Senior Vice President
CHS Inc.
St. Paul, Minn.

Brian Schouvieller is a senior vice president for CHS Global Grain Marketing, a position he has held since April 2018. He is responsible for CHS global commodity trading, supply chain management, and risk management, including freight, currency, execution and trade finance. Mr. Schouvieller has spent his career with the cooperative system, joining CHS as an intern. His experience includes working in three business units and on several special assignments. He was responsible for building out the Asia-Pacific business platform for CHS Grain Marketing, including completing the first grain trades to China. He spent one year in Mexico, managing two soybean processing, refining, and packaging plants. Mr. Schouvieller represents CHS on the board of directors of TEMCO, a grain marketing joint venture with Cargill.