Trade Rules Seminar

Trade Rules Seminar


trs-graphic-2-1NGFA Trading, Trade Rules and Dispute Resolution Seminar

Thank you to all who joined us for the 2017 Trade Rules Seminar, May 1 – 2 at the Hilton KCI in Kansas City, MO. Copies of the presentations are available for attendees; please contact Mary Hitchcock:

Offered only once every other year, NGFA’s Seminar on Trading, Trade Rules and Arbitration provides attendees with a primer on contracting principles and trading practices designed to minimize costly trade disputes and contract non-performance.


The next Trade Rules Seminar will take place in May 2019 – please check back for more details in early 2019.

In the meantime, please check out the on-line Grain Trade Rules course , designed  to familiarize individuals with the Grain Trade Rules and provide practical guidance in understanding the rules. It consists of trade rules outlines, arbitration decision summaries, practical guidance from members of NGFA’s Trade Rules Committee, and questions. 

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2017 Trade Rules Seminar Faculty

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Barrett Easterday Cunningham & Eselgroth

Bartlett Grain Co.

Harris Crane

JD Heiskell & Co.

The Andersons



Schedule Overview
  • May 4
    – 5- 6:30 p.m. Welcome Reception
    – 7:10 p.m. Cardinals game
  • May 5
    – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m: Full day seminar

Detailed Agenda

  • The NGFA’s Trade Rules and their application to grain, feed and feed ingredient transactions between commercial firms, as well as with farmer customers.
  • Legal principles that undergird grain, feed and feed ingredient contracting, including the Uniform Commercial Code.
  • Contracting issues pertinent to cash and forward contracts, as well as essential elements to include in purchase contracts and confirmations to reduce the potential for disputes, as well as to secure access to NGFA arbitration.
  • A review of the operation of the NGFA’s Arbitration System – believed to be North America’s oldest – with a special focus on contracting pitfalls that can determine whether a dispute is resolved through arbitration or court litigation.

Information about speakers will be updated as available.

NGFA Trade Rules Seminar – Just do it!
  • Ryan Warner, faculty: “You owe it to your company and your customer to know the rules … [The Trade Rules Seminar] is a minimal expense to keep you out of trouble and keep your company out of trouble.”
  • Dan Suarez, faculty: “[The Trade Rules Seminar] is a great way to really gain exposure to the trade rules…and their application to what we use every day in the grain industry … Anybody that is involved in the contracting process can really benefit from a lot of the hands-on discussion that’s involved [in the seminar]…You can see how things can be resolved and, if there is a dispute, how you can come to a resolution.”
  • Chip Buckner, faculty: “The Trade Rules Seminar gives you exposure to a body of rules that we use in the industry to resolve complaints and disputes…We look at typical kinds of problems that we see over and over and talk about ‘How did we get there?’ and  ‘How do we keep from getting there in the future?’”
NGFA Trade Rules and Arbitration

Learn more about NGFA’s Trade Rules and Arbitration:

Trade Rules

Trade Rules Committee




Charlie Delacruz, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary

Mary Hitchcock, Manager of Arbitration/Mediation Services